Steve Smith on GDPR

Kind Consultancy is an executive search and headhunting organisation with whom I work closely. They are experts in Governance, Risk & Compliance and have built a reputation over the last 5 years with their outstanding customer service and their ability to quickly find game-changing top tier talent for complex, technical roles. Having excelled in that field for years now, at the start of 2017 they’ve brought in Jamie Dunning to lead and expand their Information Security division.

As an investor, I am always looking for ways to aide and improve the businesses I work with, and coming from a background where customers are key and in the current technological environment  – safeguarding customers has become crucial components of customer service. Strong information security and effective data management are both essential.  Every day we see more and more news stories about hacking and cybercrime causing serious financial and personal damage to businesses, individuals and even governments.  At the other end of the spectrum, there’s the threat of financial penalty from regulators to businesses that fail to properly protect their customers. 2018 will see the introduction of the new General  Data Protection Regime across Europe, and any company that fails to update and transform its data protection policies and procedures in time could receive a fine equal to 4% of their annual global revenue.

This is where I believe the team at Kind Consultancy can work with you on current cyber threats and future regulatory changes. They have the experience, knowledge, and vast network to ensure that your organisation has access to the most able and qualified information security professionals with the specific skill set that your situation calls for, whether that’s a permanent addition to an expanding IT or Information Security team, or an interim on a specific short term project to implement the necessary changes.

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