Contractors Screening FAQ

We can accept a utility bill, council tax bill or any letter from your bank dated within the last 3 months – in all cases this needs to be a scan or photograph of a physical letter which has been posted to you. We cannot accept any screenshots of e-mailed bills.

Our preferred method is a scan of your Passport – the image needs to contain a full view of the photo page.

If you do not have access to this we can accept a Driver’s Licence and Birth Certificate together.

Sonovate have a series of in-depth guides for contractors on their website, including step-by-step videos – check here first and see if they have covered the difficulty you’re having.

No – we have already passed your details to your preferred providers, and they will soon be in touch and able to offer you Kind-exclusive rates which you will not be able to receive if you reach out on your own.

First, we always recommend checking any Junk, Clutter or Spam folders, and then using the Search function to search your full e-mail account. If there’s still no sign, send an e-mail to your contact on the Kind team.

Contact HMRC on 0300 200 3300 and request a statement for the past 5 years. You will need to provide your National Insurance number, date of birth and current address and postcode.

You can do this online here [Apply here]

We need to see a full credit report, not just the score. Whichever service you have used to obtain your score will also be able to provide a full report that you can then share with us.

Tell the Kind team as early as possible if you have a CCJ on your file. With some Financial Services employers, this will mean they won’t work with you but for others it will not be an issue so long as it is volunteered early in the process, and you can prove that you have a payment plan set up and being paid into. If you have a CCJ, let us know as soon as we begin discussing screening.

Kind Consultancy only work with FSCS and APSCO approved umbrella companies – this is a key factor in who we have on our panel. Our panel are also able to provide better rates for Kind contractors. If you still want to go with another Umbrella, and they are FSCS and APSCO approved we may be able to look at this on a case by case basis but we strongly advise using an umbrella from our panel for the fastest and smoothest onboarding.

No, the Declaration of Consent for References still requires a wet-signature to be written by hand. Any typed names will be declined, and this will slow down your onboarding process and potentially jeopardise your start date.

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