Returning to the Office - a Kind Group update

A Kind Group Update from Mat Kind

Here at the Kind Group we are now looking at what the new “norm” will look like post lockdown and our “return to work” procedure is well underway. As a group we have continued to be “business as usual” and I am very pleased and proud of how the whole Kind team has adapted and continued to provide excellent service across the group during the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve been achieving great things while working remotely.

The Kind Financial Services team are used to working remotely and have always operated successfully this way, however, the lockdown has certainly given me time to reflect on how the wider group operates and it has certainly proven that we don’t need to be in a large corporate city centre office to be effective. During this period we have held virtual round tables with a number of our clients and have spoken with the Kind Consultancy and Kind Commercial teams regarding the pro’s and con’s of homeworking, whilst there are a huge amount of positives to remote working it is clear that personal interaction is the thing that has been missed the most despite Zoom/Teams, etc

Following a lot of discussions and careful thought, I am pleased to announce that we will be implementing more remote working into our week and will be reducing the need for our team to use public transport by relocating out of Birmingham into a new local location (to be announced soon!) Our new, flexible “norm” will be in full effect by August.

We have been busy throughout this period and it just goes to show the presence in the market places we sit across. I have seen a large uptake across the Mortgage and Commercial finance businesses the last few weeks and it is good to see SME’s and Personal clients are moving forward with their plans.

Kind Consultancy also has seen an increase in activity over the last month and combined we are in for a strong end of the year – and with so much to work on, I honestly cannot wait to get back to my desk.

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