BAU Complaints

BAU Complaints (Business As Usual Complaints) make up the majority of complaints for many organisations. When they build up or suddenly increase in quantity, managing the situation is crucial. Kind Agile Solutions is built for situations like this – as shown in the following Case Study.

A major Financial Services client was experiencing a backlog of Business As Usual complaints (BAU Complaints). As a preferred supplier to the organisation, an urgent request was made to Kind Consultancy for a large number of experienced Complaint Handlers who had substantial experience of handling complaints across a wide range of Financial Services products.

There was a critical need for the backlog of complaints to be resolved within the time limits defined by the Financial Ombudsman Service. Having a pre-screened set of contractors with proven skills and expertise allowed Kind to deploy a team the Client were completely confident in within just five working days, thereby trusting Kind’s contractors to work on their behalf on customers complaints.

The Agile Solutions contractors were successful in clearing the backlog of BAU complaints and have continued to support the organisation in handling complex complaints from across their customer base.

If you’re looking to hire BAU complaints handlers, contact Kind Consultancy for a confidential conversation about how we can help.

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