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AML – International Client : Case Study

In our Case Study series, we walk you through the methods we’ve recently used with one of our clients, to give you a glimpse at just some of the carefully tailored approaches Kind Consultancy can use to suit the specific needs of the organisations we work with. This week, we take a look at an international case.

The Client

As well as clients across the UK, Kind have also helped international clients with their AML needs. Kind Consultancy worked with an international bank who had suffered a serious and well-publicised Compliance and Financial Crime failure. Resultantly they were looking to completely transform their Compliance function and they wanted to tap into the internationally renowned Compliance talent in the UK.

The Approach

We contacted 20 of the very best AML and KYC Analysts and Compliance professionals with Project Management and Transformation experience. They were deployed to the client’s international sites within a matter of weeks and began leading and assisting in the total overhaul of the bank’s Compliance and Financial Crime approaches.

The Result

Our team helped the end client to successfully build and embed new Financial Crime frameworks and develop a much more positive Compliance culture, across multiple countries and regulatory jurisdictions. The bank has kept on some of our staff as permanent members of the Compliance team and has not had another failure since we began supporting them.

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