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KYC – Mortgages : Case Study

In our Case Study series, we walk you through a recent project Kind Consultancy has worked on to give you an overview of just some of the tailored methods we have employed to make sure we deliver exactly what our clients’ need. This week, we take a look at a Mortgage client who had a need for KYC talent.

The Client

Kind Consultancy recently worked with a large national mortgage network who were in urgent need of KYC resource  – due to the stamp duty freeze, they saw a huge increase in the number of mortgage applications they were receiving. With their regular headcount at capacity and concerns about opportunistic fraudulent applications, they reached out to Kind Consultancy.

The Approach

We quickly identified a team of our Kind Agile Solutions contractors who we knew had the KYC expertise and specialist mortgage knowledge needed to make a difference for the client. With their regularly updated screening information and qualifications already on file, we were able to have them at work for the client in a matter of days from receiving the initial request.

The Result

Our team of Kind Agile Solutions contractors helped to perform quality assurance on the fraud checks that the client’s front line staff were carrying out on mortgage applications, thoroughly analysing and assessing any applications that had been flagged as potentially fraudulent and enabling the client to confidently make good decisions. The contract team has now been extended and is at the time of writing still helping to handle the ongoing spike in mortgage application and minimising the risk to the client of fraud and money laundering.

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