Mortgage Operations Case Study

Mortgage Operations – Case Study

In our Case Study series, we walk through the methods we’ve recently used to help a client, each one giving you some insight into the variety of tailored approaches we can utilise depending on the circumstances.

The Client

Kind Consultancy worked with a large UK retail bank that was seeing a rapid, ongoing increase in the number of mortgage applications they were receiving, at a rate that was overwhelming their permanent Mortgage Operations staff. They reached back out to Kind Consultancy following our previous work with them on select specialist positions, asking us to supply a full team of Contract Mortgage Administrators.

The Approach

We quickly filtered through our substantial portfolio of candidates to select only the most relevant Financial Service Administration professionals. Due to our close ongoing working relationship with our candidates we were able to rapidly select only those we knew had the necessary Mortgage Operations experience, administration skills and industry knowledge, and who had worked contracts on comparable rates and levels of seniority.

The Result

We had a shortlist of CVs to the client within 2 working days of receiving the initial request. This enabled the client to begin telephone interviews within the same week and as we maintain up to date screening information on all of our contractors, they could be on-site much faster than in traditional recruitment timeframes.

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