Section 166 – KYC : Case Study

In our Case Study series, we talk you through how Kind Consultancy handled a recent project, to give you a taste of just some of the tailored methods we use to deliver exactly what our clients’ need.

The Client

Kind Consultancy are a long-standing supplier to a Big 4 consultancy. They reached out to us for support on a project with one of their clients, a large retail Financial Services organisation, who had been issued a Section 166 Notice.

The Approach

Kind supplied a team of 10 highly experienced and knowledgeable KYC Analysts who had previously worked with firms who had been issued Section 166 Notices, drawn entirely from the Kind Agile Solutions bench of pre-qualified industry-best contract professionals. Using KAS allowed us to have people with the necessary skills and knowledge on site fast, enabling the client to begin the potentially lengthy review process as soon as possible.

The Result

The team quickly and efficiently worked through a substantial document review project and helped the project leader to identify areas for potential remedial actions. The end client then retained the team to help deliver the necessary changes and improvements, and the regulator decided no further action needed to be taken against the firm.

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