Collaborate & Succeed: Kind Consultancy’s Partnership Approach

There are a lot of things that set Kind Consultancy apart from other executive search and recruitment firms, and one that is particularly important to me is our Partnership Approach. Rather than simply pick up vacancies and fill them, we like to partner with our clients, developing a strong, ongoing relationship that allows us to go above and beyond the scope and capabilities of regular recruiters. We want you to see us as a department of your business, and picking up the phone to talk to a member of the Kind team should feel no different to talking to one of your own staff.

We’ve been specialising in recruiting senior, middle and board level roles within Governance, Risk & Compliance and Information Security for a long time, and our proximity to the other companies in the Kind Group keeps us very close to the Financial Services market. Unlike some of our competitors, we understand the roles our candidates are interested in, and we understand our clients’ expectations for those positions. The management team at Kind Consultancy have direct firsthand experience within the Financial Services and Banking industries, and we utilise that knowledge along with a mix of methodologies to uncover top tier game-changing talent on all of our assignments.

We deliver that level of service to everyone we work with – but for the client organisations who have worked with us consistently for years, we’re able to go even further. Having built up a strong bond of trust and mutual respect for each other’s expertise, we’re able to be involved from the very earliest stages of the recruitment process, helping to craft job specs and set salaries in a manner that is both genuinely competitive and realistic for the current talent market. From there we can collaborate on co-branded job adverts, and conduct initial interviews with a very firm grasp on who our clients will and will not want to see. This full array of services enables our clients to structure large-scale projects, going beyond simply filling resourcing requests to treat recruitment in a strategic manner that aids the growth of their entire business.

Any successful business needs good people to thrive, and I’m confident that Kind Consultancy can help to not just build your team – but be a part of it.

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