Consider the Contractor

When Kind Consultancy first started we focussed exclusively on senior permanent and interim positions within the Governance, Risk & Compliance space. Over the last two years though, we’ve seen an explosion of activity in Contract roles and now have an established team dedicated to it, with a lot of my own work falling into this area.

Sometimes other recruiters will ask me why – isn’t it a huge amount of extra work? Isn’t it much more complex, with thin margins giving you little in the way of reward? While it’s undeniably more complex than classic perm recruitment, it doesn’t have to be a huge increase in paperwork – we’ve found that by strategically partnering with other organisations we’ve been able to build a smooth process handling contracts and payrolls, leaving our team free to focus on connecting the best possible people to their ideal next contract.

Across both our focus areas of Governance, Risk & Compliance & Cyber Security, we’ve seen a huge rise in demand for contractors following changes in regulation. Businesses are often wary of investing into a high salary permanent role in these situations, and in an age where changes to regulations are happening more and more frequently, I completely understand why. It’s both more cost effective and faster for them to bring in a specialist with relevant experience to do the necessary work and then move on.

We’re extremely well positioned to assist both our client companies and contractors who are seeking their next opportunity. We’ve built up a substantial database of prequalified GRC and Cyber Security specialists who possess world-class experience and specialist expertise, and on the other side we have an extensive network of diverse, wide-ranging clients varying from start ups to major multinational corporations – organisations who we’ve worked with closely and have strong links with.

For a confidential discussion about how contract talent could help your organisation, or if you’re a GRC or Cyber Security professional seeking your next assignment, contact us on 0121 643 2100 or

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