Does Size Matter? – The Benefits of a Small Recruiter

Appearances can be deceiving, as the old cliché goes. Kind Consultancy is a small business, with a dedicated team – so it could be perceived that a major, multinational organisation wouldn’t think of using us for a large-scale recruitment project.  Well – they have, and continue to do so. We have worked a number of individual roles and whole-team projects for national and global firms, and I think we’re actually better equipped to handle many of the challenges of modern-day recruitment than some of our much larger competitors.

Why?  Because without separations across multiple departments and divisions, we can be agile and work dynamically and collaboratively as and when the need arises, with decisions about project allocation, task assignments and fees happening in minutes rather than days. We can be extremely flexible in our approach, tailoring our response to any assignment and collaborating to pool our knowledge and skills. I truly believe that this is a significant part of why we’ve been equally successful working with tier 1 global banks, niche fintech start-ups and everything else in between.

At Kind, the whole team is involved with every part of the process, which means we are always close to the projects we work on and are better equipped to react to any changes in the situation. We are able to take the time to develop deeper understanding of our clients, candidates and contractor’s needs, providing a level of personal service that could be considered to be more difficult to deliver in a larger organisation.

We’ve seen some of the benefits of this directly in recent months – as we were already prepared to work remotely, Kind Consultancy has seen no impact to business continuity in 2020 and our capacity in a strong, solid team has been maintained throughout the pandemic and will continue to be, as we come through the other side.  We are proof that a small boutique business can support clients, large or small for all their recruitment needs.

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