Everyone’s A Candidate Now

For a long time recruiters have been prone to cleanly dividing the world into people who are hunting for a new job because they’re either out of work or dissatisfied with a current position, and people who are doing just fine in a great job and won’t know that they have other options until we call and tell them. But new research released by the Indeed Hiring Lab shows  that more than ever before, this distinction between “passive” and “active” candidates is rapidly vanishing.

Their survey of over 8000 people across Europe shows 64% of people in work think it’s important to stay aware of what jobs are currently available in the market, and 89% of people would consider a new job “given the right incentives”. So what would it take to make people consider moving? Obviously better pay is always a deciding factor, but Indeed’s participants also ranked a better location and more flexible hours highly.

This data backs up what I’ve always believed based on my own experience – people in work are almost always interested in having a conversation about the possibility of moving to a new role. As an Executive Search consultant, it’s a key part of my work to understand what the most important motivating factors for my candidate and finding appointments that will work for them on every possible level. It also allows me to partner with employers to really establish ‘the right incentives’ to attract ‘the right person’. As passive (or apparently-passive) candidates become ever more important, traditional recruitment methods will be less and less effective. There are good people out there waiting to hear about the right role, who just need the right reason to bring their market-leading talent to a new company.

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