Executive Search Specialists vs Recruitment Generalists

Relying on in-house recruitment seems like the simplest, easiest, cheapest option for finding a new hire. But what if you don’t get the perfect candidate? What if your recruitment process relies on busy, non-dedicated staff trying to find time in their work day to do a quick search followed by a brief interview? What if the job boards you’ve placed your advert on aren’t being read by the right people who would be best for your role? In most cases, the very best person for your role won’t even be actively looking for new opportunities.

What happens when you end up taking on someone who just vaguely fits the job spec? You haven’t paid a recruiter a fee for finding them but you risk incurring substantial costs; for example, you’re potentially going to have to pay to train them and your business is likely losing money as they get up to speed and adapt to your business and normally productive staff and managers lose time to helping them. If all of that doesn’t work, and the hire turns out to just not be right for your organisation, you’ll have to start the search all over again – and by this time the ill-fitting new employee could have done serious damage to your reputation and office morale. So you turn to an external recruiter – but who should you use?

A boutique, specialist Executive Search firm has the resources, skills, focus and knowledge to uncover the very best talent and avoid all of these pitfalls. Where big name, bulk driven, generalist recruiters are flooding your inbox with CVs, hopping from one industry to another, relying on matching keywords,  niche specialist search firms such as Kind Consultancy take the time to understand a client’s marketplace, understand the factors that can’t be captured by a job spec or advert and have the range and scope to find the best possible person for your opportunity – even if they’re currently working, not looking for a new job and are employed by your biggest competitor. We’re also much better equipped to closely manage the recruitment process – keeping candidates engaged and clients updated at every stage, delivering a level of service on both sides that general recruiters just do not have the time or resources for.

Kind Consultancy use first-hand experience of our client’s specific industry and our extensive pre-existing network of top-tier professionals and game changing talent to find only the best possible people that we believe will fit into not just a job role, but also your company culture and your long-term business plans.

Kind Consultancy have dedicated specialists who focus exclusively on their areas of expertise, many of whom have previous, direct work experience in the fields they recruit to. If you’re interested in a bespoke recruitment solution for your organisation, or you’re a Financial Services, Governance, Risk or Compliance professional seeking career advancement, contact Kind for a confidential discussion on 0121 643 2100.

Lynsey Moore

[This post originally appeared on Lynsey’s LinkedIn]

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