Is Bigger Better? The Benefits of Boutique Recruitment

In any industry, when you start to look for the right product or service for your needs, the obvious place to start is the biggest of the big names, the omnipresent providers and organisations that you’re always hearing about. It’s a natural place to start your search, whether you’re deciding on where to have lunch, or who to use as a recruiter for that upcoming vacancy at your company.

But recruitment isn’t really like any other industry, I think there’s a case to be made for smaller search firms being a better option for many employers.

1. Bespoke Servicing

In a business that is all about people, a smaller agency is able to offer a much more personal service, spending more time on building lasting relationships with both clients and candidates. We make sure we fully understand the client’s long term business plans and the candidate’s long term career goals, never just focussing on the immediate opening and rapidly matching job spec keywords to CVs without considering the much wider factors that can make someone the wrong (or perfect) addition to a company.

2. Adaptable & Specialist

A smaller agency, who are focussed on particular industries and sectors, can combine a specialist’s understanding of the client’s field with that well developed knowledge of the client’s specific business to always target only the best, most relevant people, responding quickly to any industry changes that could affect recruitment plans. Larger agencies, meanwhile, are often tied down to business plans and KPIs set in stone far in advance and as a result are less able to rapidly adapt and work in this agile manner. Consultants in smaller, specialist agencies are given the time to uncover the very best talent and make a confidential approach to ensure that the very best person is always put forward for each and every role.

3. Streamlined & Efficient Process

With a larger agency, clients are often left needing to talk to a number of consultants across multiple teams as roles are bounced around between departments. Again, the advantage of using a smaller search firm is that you get a single point of contact, with a consultant taking ownership of your organisation’s recruitment needs, always able to quickly and thoroughly keep you in the loop about any developments without having to check in with three other people every time you call.

When I was thinking about putting this blog together I decided to talk to one of Kind’s clients who I know has worked with big name recruitment agencies in the past, to ask if he had seen any clear benefits to working with a smaller recruiter.

He said: ” I will only work with small specialist agencies for two reasons. They really are experts in their fields, they keep themselves incredibly up to date with market changes and with that, actually deserve their titles of ‘Consultants’. I also feel that they want to help me, of course it’s in their best interest, but it’s a lot more genuine.”

If you’re still unsure about what kind of recruiter to go for, read Lynsey Moore’s blog post on Specialist vs Generalist Recruiters and call Kind Consultancy on 01216432100 or contact for a confidential discussion about your recruitment needs.

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