Kind Consultancy and The Building Societies Association

Kind Consultancy is very proud to announce that we’re partnering with The Building Societies Association. We will be sharing knowledge with their members through articles and blog posts and we look forward to other opportunities with the Building Societies Association (BSA) in future. For any BSA members who are learning about Kind Consultancy for the first time, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Kind Consultancy was set-up by Lynsey Moore and Mathew Kind in 2012, specialising in the recruitment of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Complaints specialists on both an interim and permanent basis. Kind Consultancy is part of the Kind Group which also includes Kind Financial Services and Kind Commercial. Working closely with these businesses keeps Consultancy closer to the latest developments in the Financial Services market than any of our competitors. Utilising their first-hand experienced gained from years of work in Financial Services and Banking, Lynsey and Mathew have built out the team, graduated to larger offices and expanded our scope internationally.

Even as our reach has grown and we’ve worked with complex global organisations, Kind’s consultative approach has always made us a natural fit for Building Societies and we are successfully continuing to support a number of them.  We always take the time to get to know a client, understanding how their vacancy fits into a larger business plan, taking into account the organisation’s culture and long-term goals. This enables us to find true perfect match candidates who are right for our clients, going far beyond simply cross-referencing CVs with job descriptions. So many of our Building Society clients really value this collaborative aspect of how we work, and we love to form lasting working relationships with organisations that extend beyond one-off jobs. Our dedicated team maintain regular contact with clients even when we don’t have active projects with them, making sure we maintain an up to date understanding of what’s happening with the business to ensure we’re perfectly positioned to assist them when a recruitment need arises. Much like Building Societies, we pride ourselves on offering a more personal level of customer care than would be possible with a large corporate recruiter.

If you’re interested in how Kind Consultancy can assist your organisation, please get in touch via or 01216432100 for a confidential conversation.

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