Let Kind Consultancy Manage Your Campaign

In my last blog for Kind Consultancy I discussed the ongoing popularity of interim projects within the world of Governance, Risk & Compliance, especially in relation to large organisations converting their processes and procedures in order to meet new regulations. With no sign of this trend slowing down, I wanted to highlight another way in which Kind Consultancy can go above and beyond our competitors to provide the ideal solution: our Managed Campaign/RPO service.

With a Managed Campaign, the team at Kind can act as an fully fledged Recruitment partner throughout the entire process. Utilising our knowledge of the current candidate market we strategically target the most relevant passive candidates, in addition to selecting candidates from our pre-existing national database of top-tier professionals, carrying out preliminary interviews with applicants, organising interviews, carrying out referencing and even handling contracts, payroll and candidate aftercare.

We have experience of providing all of these services for a wide variety of clients, from fast growing start-ups eager for us to help promote their presence in the market, to major multi-national organisations working on confidential projects requiring us to conceal their identity from candidates until the final stages of the process. We always tailor our methods to your specific needs – whether you already have a very clear idea of who you’re looking for or if you’re aware of an upcoming regulatory change but don’t know exactly how you want to tackle it. As dedicated GRC specialists our database contains many of the field’s leading professionals, who are ready and waiting for contract projects that will fully utilise their highly developed skills.

We’ve seen great success for our clients who use our Managed Campaign service, it makes it much easier for you to control time frames and budgets and gives you all of the close control you’d have working with an internal team, but with none of the increased workload or any of the potentially complex additional administrative work.

Please get in touch if you think a Kind Consultancy Managed Campaign might be right for your organisation, I’m available on luke@kindconsultancy.com or 0121 643 2100.

Luke Gleeson

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