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Motor Finance

Motor Finance firms have become a core part of Kind Consultancy’s client-base over the years, and is one area within UK Financial Services that has really benefited from our Kind Agile Solutions contract recruitment offering, especially as the sector has faced more and more attention from regulators. Read on for a Case Study looking at how we helped one Motor Finance organisation in need of a significant increase in Collections resource –

A large, established motor finance company required additional support within their collections team to work with vulnerable customers in relation to their payment plans. Due to an ongoing relationship, the client reached out to Kind Consultancy asking for them to supply experienced interim Collections Consultants for a 12-month project.

Kind selected people from the King Agile Solutions bench who had a mixture of collections experience and complaint handling experience across Financial Services, combined with a history of working with vulnerable customers. The combination required for the project was a very specialised skill set and the client recognised that these are not people they would be able to find on their own quickly. When a second request came after the appropriate members of the Agile Solutions team were already with the client, Kind then conducted a full deep market search using a mix of methodologies to identify key talent that could be utilised in this project, rapidly taking care of all screening and compliance requirements before they joined the client.

Our contractors went through training and route-to-competency with the client and were fully operational and supporting the team within 4 weeks of the first request coming to Kind.  This has resulted in a significant number of customers being contacted and able to get the specialised support they needed, whilst maintaining strong customer service for the client. The client has expressed great satisfaction with both Kind Consultancy’s service and with the quality of the contractors, and shared their intention to come back to Kind in future should they have similar resource needs.

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