Resource Planning: Your Year Ahead

As we near the end of the year many businesses will be engaging in resource planning, drawing up plans for projected hiring needs in 2020, deciding on budgets and setting headcount numbers. Some of them might then put those plans aside until mid-January or the end of the financial year, before taking them back out and calling a recruiter, or posting a job ad and hoping the talent they need will be available at the same time their position opens up.

Kind Consultancy are Governance, Risk and Compliance specialists who work differently to a traditional Recruitment firm and one of the many we can better meet the needs of our clients is through resource planning. With our specialist industry knowledge and wealth of experience, we’re able to sit down with a client organisation, look at their business plans for the coming year, assess where new permanent talent is needed, where contractors could be useful and where existing staff could be transferred or upskilled  to meet the challenges of your 2020.

If you already know you’re going to have a crucial role opening up, for example, if a Head Of is retiring on a set date, we can get to work months in advance, sourcing and discretely contacting potential candidates who are not on the job boards, who we believe are perfect for the role. With senior positions, there are often lengthy notice periods to consider, so Kind can make sure you have a highly talented, expert interim person in place to ensure a smooth transition until the permanent replacement is available.  If you’re planning departmental growth, Kind Consultancy can map the market well in advance and enable you to meet your headcount requirement at the right time with the right people, making you as efficient as possible. If you have a high-volume project in your plans for the year, Kind’s large bench of pre-screened professionals available on short notice will allow you to work quickly at business-critical moments.

We stay close to the market, through our carefully curated professional networks and our colleagues across the Kind Group, so we’re aware of upcoming regulatory changes and can help to build necessary changes to our client’s Governance, Risk and Compliance needs into their calendars well ahead of any deadlines, avoiding a stressful last-minute scramble by connecting you to niche experts with experience of regulatory transformation, and similar time-sensitive, complex projects.

If your business is looking at the coming year and you think that engaging with a specialist consultancy could help your resource needs, get in touch today on 01216432100 or e-mail

Lynsey Moore

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