Why Search Consultancy Will Outlive Contingent Recruitment

Recruitment is an ever diluting industry, with thousands of new firms establishing each year. As a client I can understand why choosing an agency (or even multiple agencies) can be a minefield.

More and more new agencies offer extremely low fee rates to attract the business, pricing some of the more specialist firms out of the game completely without looking at what the client is actually paying for. Contingent recruitment has slowly become the norm for most, by contingent I mean the following ; Using Multiple agencies to quickly receive as many CV’s that may potentially suit the job role as possible.

Now I am no way criticising this and it probably makes up over 50% of the industries revenue. It’s high speed, but also very high risk. Due to the competitive nature of contingent work, the process is rushed, it takes blanket coverage on candidate resourcing to increase the probability of success.

Search consultancy is however a different ball game. By search I mean a retained assignment instructed by the client exclusively to one recruiter.

A specialist Executive Search firm has the resources, skills and market knowledge to find the best candidate who not only fit the job spec but is actually right for the job.

Firms such as Kind Consultancy take the time to understand a client’s challenges, ambitions and acknowledge the factors that can’t be captured by a job spec or advert. We have the range and scope to find the best possible person for your opportunity – even if they’re currently working, not looking for a new job and are employed by your biggest competitor. We’re better equipped to closely manage the recruitment process – keeping candidates engaged and clients updated at every stage, delivering a level of service on both sides that general recruiters just do not have the time or resources for.

Search consultancy is a service, not a process. We aim to complete assignments in line with the agreed time scales. We only present candidates that have been vetted, interviewed and prepared by ourselves and always ensure both clients and candidates, will come back to us time and time again.

Kind Consultancy have dedicated specialists who focus exclusively on their areas of expertise, many of whom have previous, direct work experience in the fields they recruit to. If you’re interested in a bespoke recruitment solution for your organisation, or you’re a Financial Services, Governance, Risk or Compliance professional seeking career advancement, contact Kind for a confidential discussion on 0121 643 2100 or info@kindconsultancy.com

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