Kind Consultancy have a long working relationship with a large building society, who were experiencing an increase in applications and simultaneously launching multiple new products. To keep up with the rate of activity, they were looking for 2 permanent underwriters.

Kind Consultancy used a consultative approach, taking the job specification and discussing with the client where their own recruitment attempts had not been successful. The Kind team showed the client that if they allowed remote work, they could access higher quality candidates.

Kind selected a mix of candidates who were already known to them as part of their extensive database and newly sourced candidates who were actively job seeking. The initial request for 2 positions became an extended project, with Kind acting as the client’s exclusive recruiter for underwriting positions. Across 6 months, Kind Consultancy has placed Underwriters, Senior Underwriters and Manual Underwriters with the client, all in permanent positions, and continues to work with them on all underwriting resource needs.

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