IT Change & Transformation Team

A global automotive organisation with no UK IT presence contacted Kind’s Change & Transformation recruitment specialist looking to substantially expand their Global Project division with a UK team.

Our specialist took weekly conference calls with the Global Project team to discuss their plans for the UK division, dig in to role profiles in detail and examine past successes and barriers they had faced in establishing new national teams. They needed a Head of IT, a Solution Architect, a Data Architect and 2 Business Analysts. Working together, we developed a 3 month recruitment plan to embed the full team, starting with the Head of IT.

Using their extensive pre-existing network and knowledge of the best Change & Transformation and IT Project professionals in the UK, our specialist handled all aspects of the recruitment process, successfully filling all five roles and being highly commended by the client.

Senior Programme Manager

A telecommunications client was struggling to find a good variety of candidates while recruiting for a Senior Programme Manager position. Kind’s Change & Transformation specialist was brought in after the initial interview stages to scope what was lacking from the initial shortlist from direct resource and external support of agency’s.

We conducted a fresh head-hunting search conducted via our pre-existing network, building a new shortlist of 5 candidates drawn from a range of industries outside of telecommunications. All 5 were then interviewed by the client, with 3 taken forward to face-to-face second stage interviews, 2 of which were subsequently taken to final interview with one being offered and accepting.

The client credited Kind’s Change & Transformation specialist with delivering a diverse selection of clients from outside the pool that their internal team had considered, and the recruitment project was completed within a pre-agreed timescale of 6 weeks.

Service Delivery Managers

A large record management organisation needed to hire 3 new Service Delivery Managers in a tight timeframe to keep up with onboarding multiple new clients. They contacted Kind’s Change & Transformation recruitment specialist, who compiled a shortlist of 10 candidates.

The client had identified 3 key questions they felt were very important to the role. Kind’s Change & Transformation recruitment specialist interviewed all of the shortlisted candidates, asking them these 3 questions and recording their responses. The recordings, along with CVs and profiles, were sent to the client, who used these to select 6 candidates to take forward to a final stage interview.

Thanks to this technologically assisted approach to accelerating the interview process, all 3 roles were filled within 2 weeks of taking the initial brief, with 3 of our candidates being offered and accepting very shortly after their second interviews.

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